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TailWag Club

Membership at TailWag Resorts: Your Exclusive Pass to Premier Pet Care

TailWag Club is Pawsome! WOOF!

Become part of an intimate community with TailWag Membership, crafted for pet parents and their cherished dogs. This membership isn't just about access; it's about joining a circle of like-minded individuals dedicated to the collective well-being of their canine companions. Our exclusive club is deliberately capped to foster a close-knit atmosphere, ensuring each member feels part of a special community. Here, belonging means more than just shared spaces—it's shared values and a commitment to the ultimate care and joy of every dog and peace of mind for every owner. 

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TailWag Resorts Dog Boarding

Join our Tailwag Resorts community, become a Tailwag member and elevate your pet's care to extraordinary new heights. Now, let's explore the exclusive benefits that await you and your furry friend as members of our exclusive club.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits  (Valued at $3,250)



Adventure Park (Owner-Supervised) 
Valued at $1,800

Enjoy unlimited complimentary access to Leap Land – our agility course and outdoor park – during designated hours (season and weather depending). Please note, that this access is unsupervised by our staff, and owners must be present with their dogs. Rest assured, only approved and behaviorally evaluated dogs can access these facilities, ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for all.


Complimentary Daycare:

Valued at $800

Receive one free monthly pass for our engaging dog daycare services.



Priority Booking:

Valued at $Priceless

As a TailWag Club member, you receive priority over non-members in booking our services, securing your pet's place ahead of others.


Educational Events:

Valued at $300

Gain free access to all our basic educational workshops and seminars, both in-person and virtual


Exclusive Invitations:

Valued at $0

Be our guest at four special events each year, including Christmas, Halloween, Spring Fling Canine Carnival, and Summer Splash Bash.​


Birthday Celebrations:

Valued at $350

Host your dog's birthday party using select facilities at Tailwag Resorts.

TailWag Club

Annual membership: $1950 (option to pay monthly)

Make a one-time payment of $1950 for the year— just $5 per day.

Terms and conditions apply. Click to review

Benefits valued at $3,250

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