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Image by Alvan Nee

Adventure Park

At TailWag Resorts' Dogs' Adventure Park, pet parents supervise a world of fun in a vast outdoor setting. This expansive space within Leap Land is dotted with agility courses, top-quality equipment, and a variety of toys, providing a stimulating and secure environment for every member's dog.

Members can relish the sight of their dogs mastering agility challenges, romping with robust toys, or simply revelling in the joy of free play.


It's not just a park; it's a tailored experience where dogs can unleash their energy in a controlled, familiar, and friendly setting. TailWag's Adventure Park is where cherished memories are made, friendships are formed, and the bond between you and your pet is strengthened under the sunlit sky of TailWag Resorts.

Adventure Park

  • Enjoy unlimited monthly access to our Adventure Park, where you and your furry friend can play and socialize in a secure setting.

  • Monthly package: $150

  • Price for a second dog from the same family: $75

Access to the Adventure Park is by registration only. All dogs must be pre-approved, and dog parents must complete basic off-leash training, ensuring a safe environment for all our guests. Learn More 

Please adhere to all Adventure Park rules.

Unlimited access is within opening hours and may be subject to capacity limits. Booking may be required.

Package Deal

  • Monthly Daycare & Adventure Park Combo

    • Primary dog: $890

    • Second Dog: $760

Ask us about our annual pass for additional savings.

Or call us for information at


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