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Overnight Care

Trust TailWag Resorts to provide an unparalleled boarding experience, where every dog is treated with so much love and respect.

TailWag Resorts Dog Boarding

At TailWag Resorts, our luxury boarding is synonymous with comfort, care, and personalized attention. Explore our private suites, each presenting a distinct theme— from the tranquil 'Beach Retreat' and adventurous 'Space Camp', to the energetic 'Athlete Suite', the glamorous 'Hollywood Suite', and the whimsical 'Enchanted Forest.' Each suite is crafted to provide your pet with an immersive experience tailored to their preferences.

Unparalleled overnight care experience

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Private and Serene Suites

Every room is a private haven, ensuring your dog has a peaceful and exclusive space.

TailWag Resorts Overnight Boarding

Storytelling Sessions

To add a touch of warmth and personal care, our staff engage in gentle storytelling sessions.

TailWag Resorts Overnight Care

Orthopedic Beds

Each suite is equipped with a high-quality orthopedic bed, providing optimal comfort for your dog.

TailWag Resorts Overnight boarding

Soothing Bedtime Music

Each night, our guests are serenaded with soothing bedtime music, creating a tranquil atmosphere for restful sleep.

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding San Deigo

Calming Decor and Colors

We’ve chosen calming décor to create a tranquil atmosphere that helps soothe your pet.

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding San Deigo

Cozy Blankets and Favorite Toys

Each suite comes with soft, comfortable blankets and a selection of toys. 

What's Included?

At TailWag Resorts, every dog is a VIP (Very Important Pup®). Our overnight care packages envelop your furry family member in luxury and attentive service that's second to none. All our VIP guests enjoy:

Luxury Suites:

Sleep in comfort with our premium bedding in elite care suites.​

Boutique Quality:

Experience our commitment to excellence with a best-in-class Care Expert and low Care Expert-to-dog ratio, ensuring personalized attention.​

Tailored Daycare:
Engage in a full day of activities custom-fit to your dog's preferences and vitality level.

Inclusive Essentials:

Feeding and medication administration is always included

Round-the-Clock Expertise: Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 attention from our team of dedicated Dog Care Specialists.​

Exclusive Experiences:

Gain complete access to all our experience collections catered for a fulfilling stay.​

Expansive Play Areas:

Explore and relax in our extensive indoor and outdoor spaces, part of our 1.5-acre canine paradise.​

Unconditional Love:

At TailWag Resorts, affection and attention are abundant, making every dog feel treasured and pampered.

TailWag Resorts premium dog boarding
Dog Tricks

Each stay at TailWag Resorts isn't just a service; it's an experience that elevates the concept of dog boarding to a joyous vacation for your furry family member.

Explore our Elite Three Overnight Care Packages

TailWag Delight

$110 per night.
Additional family member $88p/n

VIP Tailwag experience

Discounts for extended stays

1 x Report card per stay

TailWag Amazing

$130 per night.
Additional family member $105 p/n

VIP Tailwag experience

Discounts for Extended Stays

Report cards every other day

Special daily snack

TailWag Unforgettable

$150 per night.
Additional family member $120 p/n

VIP Tailwag experience

Discounts for Extended Stays

Report cards every day

Special daily snack

Bedtime TLC

Complimentary 20-minute training session

(min 3 nights)



TailWag Resorts premium dog boarding

We were so nervous to leave our little Mochi but the lovely people at Tailwag Resort allayed our fears. They were dedicated to making Mochi feel relaxed and cared for. TailWags is full of thoughtful details that ensure a positive and active experience for the pups. When we picked Mochi up, she happily ran back and forth between us and the resort staff in an excited and friendly manner, as if trying to tell us all about the fun adventure she had with her new, loving friends.  Will we bring Mochi back next time we need to leave town? 100%. 

Debbie Wacks - Pawrent of Mochi

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