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Our Facilities

Discover Our World-Class Facilities

At Tailwag Resorts, every corner of our property is a unique destination designed to cater to the happiness and well-being of your beloved canine. Explore the exclusive areas we've crafted for play, rest, stimulation, sleep, discover, and everything in between.

Agility and Fitness Fun:

Find serenity in The Lounge, a tranquil haven where soothing music whispers through the air and plush couches invite your dog to rest and relax. This peaceful oasis is perfect for dogs to unwind after a day full of activities.

Sniff Safari

Engage your dog's keen sense of smell at the Sniff Safari, our specially designed scent and senses area. It's a place full of intriguing aromas and sensory experiences that will keep curious noses busy and brains engaged.

Aqua Adventures

Dive into fun with Aqua Adventures, featuring our heated pool for those who love a splash! Private swimming lessons are available upon special request, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable aquatic experience. On hotter days, the splash section becomes a favorite spot for cooling down and frolicking in the water.

Pawp-corn Cinema

Lights, camera, action! In the Pawp-corn Cinema, our four-legged guests enjoy their favorite dog-friendly shows and films. This cozy spot is ideal for dogs to kick back and watch engaging content curated just for them.

Dog Portrait



Enrichment Center

The Enrichment Center is our indoor space dedicated to both physical and mental stimulation. It's where fun meets learning, with a variety of interactive toys and games designed to keep dogs of all energy levels engaged and entertained.

Leap Land

Adventure awaits in Leap Land, our outdoor agility course where fun is unleashed! Dogs can jump, run, and tackle obstacles, enjoying the thrill of the chase and the joy of movement in a safe, supervised environment.

Pawcasso Studio

Creativity knows no bounds in the Pawcasso Studio, where arts and crafts await our artistic pups. This space fosters imagination and mental stimulation, allowing dogs to express themselves in colorful and exciting ways.

Private Suites

For those seeking an exclusive retreat, our Private Suites offer a sumptuous escape. Each themed suite, from the regal "Royal Palace" to the serene "Beach Retreat," provides a personalized haven for rest and luxury. These lavish accommodations ensure a private, comfortable stay for every distinguished guest.

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