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Experience Collection

Discover our World-Class Facilities for your Pup’s Enjoyment.

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At Tailwag Resorts, every corner of our property is a unique destination designed to cater to the happiness and well-being of your beloved canine. Explore the exclusive areas we've crafted for play, rest, stimulation, sleep, sniff discovery, and everything in between.

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Agility and Fitness Fun

A spacious agility course for those who love physical play and exercise.

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding

Aqua Adventures

Year-round swimming fun in our heated pool for water-loving dogs.

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding

Safe Socialization

Supervised socializing sessions with other friendly dogs.

TailWag Resorts Dog Boarding

Scent Exploration

Intriguing scent games in our unique Sniff Safari for curious minds.

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding

Movie Entertainment

Relaxing dog-friendly shows in our special Pawp-Corn Cinema

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding

IQ stimulation

Spark your dog's cognitive brilliance with our IQ Stimulation activities

TailWag Resorts Dog Boarding

Zen Relaxation

A peaceful lounge, perfect for dogs seeking a calm  environment.

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding

Interactive Play

Climbing platforms, bridges, and tunnels for adventurous spirits.

TailWag Resorts Luxury Dog Boarding

Tailored training sessions

Expertly crafted training to suit your dog's individual learning style.

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