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Why Choose
TailWag Resorts?

Unmatched Care for Your Cherished Companion

At TailWag Resorts, we offer a boutique experience where quality care takes precedence over quantity. Discerning pet owners choose us for our commitment to personalized attention and the well-being of each beloved guest.

Image by Ron Fung

Exclusive Membership:

Our members enjoy the assurance of a safe, vetted community. We’re not just a dog park; we’re a sanctuary where every dog is known, loved, and cared for.

Wet Dog

Comprehensive Activities: 

Whether it's the mental workout in our IQ Center or the physical play in our Agility and Fitness Fun zonewe have something special for every dog.

Matching Goldens

Health and Safety:

A strict vaccination policy and pristine facilities mean your dog’s health is protected in our oasis of wellness.

Image by Celine Sayuri Tagami

Tailored Daycare Plans:

We see the individuality in every dog and cater to it with personalized activity schedules that keep tails wagging with joy and curiosity.

Image by lan deng

Expert-Led Training:

Our training sessions go beyond commands; they nurture a bond between you and your dog, building trust and understanding.

Dog with Toy

IQ stimulation:

Spark your dog's cognitive brilliance with our IQ Stimulation activities

Image by Jamie Street

A Boutique Approach:

From the personalized decor of our luxury suites to the thoughtful amenities we offer, every detail is designed to provide a stay that feels like home.

Dog Contest

24/7 Care:

With our manager on-site at all times and a dedicated staff who treat your pets like their own, peace of mind comes standard.or adventurous spirits.

Obedience Training

Tailored training sessions:

Expertly crafted training to suit your dog's individual learning style, ensuring they master new skills and behaviors.

At TailWag Resorts, we don’t just meet the standard in dog care – we set it. Join us and let your dog indulge in the luxury, care, and attention they deserve.

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