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Our Story

The Inspiration Behind TailWag Resorts

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TailWag Resort About

As long-time dog lovers and dedicated dog parents, we’ve faced the challenge of finding a space that truly understands and caters to the individuality of our dogs. From the boundless energy of our Jack Russell Terrier, Mia, to the quiet demeanor of our Sharpei Mix, Coco, traditional pet care facilities with their one-size-fits-all services never seemed to fit just right. Too often, we witnessed dogs being herded into confined spaces, with little regard for their unique needs or temperaments.

The final straw came when Coco, our gentle companion, faced frightening encounters in public dog parks, attacked by aggressive dogs who were not properly supervised or evaluated. These experiences highlighted the need for a controlled and secure environment where safety is paramount, and every dog is known, understood, and protected.

This ignited our passion to create TailWag Resorts, a sanctuary where membership isn't just about exclusive access—it's about joining a community of conscientious pet parents dedicated to the well-being and joy of their canine companions. With TailWag Resorts, we offer a vast expanse of tailored landscapes—from the stimulating agility courses of Leap Land to the serene comforts of our Luxury Lodging—each square foot designed with a dog's happiness in mind.

Our Dog’s Adventure Park is more than an alternative to the unpredictable public dog parks; it's a haven where every member is vetted and every pet parent is trained in our special off-leash basic training, creating a safe environment for dogs to socialize and for owners to have peace of mind. Here, every wag and woof is a testament to the security and joy we provide at TailWag Resorts, where dogs thrive, and owners relax, knowing their beloved pet is in the safest of paws. Together, we foster a community of educated dog lovers.

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