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TailWag Resorts Dog Boarding

Exclusive Extras

Indulge your furry family member in the pampering they deserve with TailWag Resorts' Exclusive Extras, where every aspect of their care is curated with precision and a touch of luxury.

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Play & Learn: Unlock your dog's potential with our Play and Learn sessions, led by certified instructors. In two 20-minute sessions, your pup will learn obedience skills, life skills, and personal development, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling experience. It's the perfect blend of learning and fun, tailored to enrich your dog's day. Price: $40

​Tailwag Splash: Let us get your pup clean and fresh, ready to come  home for a big hug and kiss. 
Price: based on size and breed. Contact us for more information. 

(Currently available for Overnight Care guests only)

Swimming Lessons: Dive into our aquatic education, where dogs of all swimming levels can learn and play in our heated pool, guided by expert instructors for safety and fun. Price: $42

Training Sessions: Whether it’s basic commands or advanced tricks, our professional trainers employ positive reinforcement techniques to engage and educate your dog, enhancing their obedience and etiquette. Visit our TailWag Academy page for more information.

Extra TLC time: At TailWag Resorts, affection and attention are part of our promise. With our Extra TLC Time, we offer additional one-on-one sessions, providing your pet with more personalized care,  from extra scratches behind the ears to more belly rubs or quiet cuddles, this service ensures your furry friend feels uniquely cherished during their stay with us. Price: $22

At TailWag Resorts, our Exclusive Extras go beyond the basics to offer an experience that's as exceptional as our furry guests. Every service we provide is an embodiment of our commitment to their happiness and well-being.

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