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TailWag Academy

Welcome to TailWag Academy, your dog's premier destination for comprehensive training and personal development!

Our academy is meticulously designed to nurture the skills and basic manners that every pup, from energetic puppies to wise adult dogs, needs to flourish in the human world. We offer structured training programs during the daytime, perfect for busy Pet Parents — complete with monthly progress reports and adorable snapshots to chronicle your furry friend's journey.

At TailWag Academy, we believe in fostering both the mind and body, offering a sanctuary where dogs can develop the skills they need, to be the best companions they can be. Join us for a transformative experience where your dog's potential can be fully unleashed!

TailWag Training Tracks:

Choose from our Regular or Puppy Academy, with a clear curriculum tailored to your dog's stage of life and learning pace.

Balanced Routine:

Your dog's day includes a mix of learning, play, and potty breaks, ensuring a well-rounded experience.

Continuous Growth:

For canines that have graduated from basic training, our academy offers advanced sessions to continue their educational journey.

Personal Attention:

With limited class sizes, our certified trainers give each dog the focus they deserve.


Positive Reinforcement:

We strictly adhere to a Benevolent Leadership style of training, meaning no aversive tools are ever used.

Flexible Scheduling:

Like a school for your pup, drop off your dog before work and pick them up after. Our programs are offered 1-2 days a week for flexibility.

Our training menu

Group Classes

Learn to work with your dog and improve your relationship. Small class sizes for great hands-on learning! Puppy classes, beginner obedience, advanced beginner obedience, Agility for Fun, etc. Behaviors covered include sit, down, stay, place, recall, greetings, Loose Leash Walking and more!

One hour per week for 5-7 weeks 

Price: $225 (5 weeks) -$280(7 weeks)

Mini Classes

These classes are designed to focus on one specific skill in the class. They make it easy for you to keep training while concentrating solely on what matters most to you and your dog. Polish up sit, down, stay, place, recall, greetings, Loose Leash Walking and more!  

One-time meeting 1.5 hours 

Price: Call for pricing 

Pack Walks

Experience “Life” on these walks!  Exposure to people, shops, stop lights, cyclists, outdoor restaurant diners, kids, other dogs, runners, strollers, and whatever else is going on in life.

Multiple locations. 60-90 minutes 

Price: $45

Adult Academy

School is not just for humans! This program is designed to help develop the skills and manners all canines should have to live in our human world: obedience, confidence, social skills, playtime, etc. The best thing is that they will be learning while you are at work! Dogs love to learn!

A monthly program of 2 full days per week. 

Price: Call for pricing 

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Puppy Academy

School is not just for humans!!  This program is designed to help develop the skills and basic manners that all Puppies need when beginning their training journey so they can thrive in our human world:  basic obedience, confidence, social skills, play time, enrichment, etc.  The best thing is that our puppy will be in school during the day while you’re at home/work!! Watch as your dog grows and develops into a fantastic family member!      

A monthly program of 2 full days per week

Price: Call for pricing 

Private Training Sessions

One on One Sessions with your specific needs in mind finding solutions to common behavior problems, learning together, and enhancing your relationship with your dog. These can be done at TailWag Resorts or in your home.

Price: $125-$150 per session 

Packages available

Pet Parent Workshops/Seminars

Learn about and support your canines by attending one of workshops! Topics include: Breed specific characteristics, Pet CPR/First-Aid, Leash handling skills, Estate planning, Nutrition, Dog to Dog introductions, Leadership, etc.

Mostly 90 minutes (CPR/First aid will be longer)

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