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Image by Jamie Street

Tailwaggers' Private Suites 

at Tailwag Resorts

Luxury Boarding at Tailwag Resorts Elevate your dog’s boarding experience at Tailwag Resorts, where luxurious comfort and personalized attention create a bespoke home away from home. Every stay with us is crafted to be an exemplary experience for your cherished pet.

Boarding Perks Include:

  • Themed Private Suites: Select from enchanting suites like "Enchanted Forest," "Beach Retreat," "Zen Garden," "Space Odyssey," or "Royal Palace." Each is designed with plush orthopedic bedding, ambient lighting, and a calming atmosphere tailored to canine preferences.

  • Customized Dining: Enjoy meals prepared to mirror your dog’s dietary preferences, with the option of on-site cooking for an additional fee.

  • All-Day Play in Tailored Groups: Dogs enjoy all-day play within the comfort of their corresponding energy-level group, whether it's the High Energy Program, Balanced Play Plan, Gentle Spirits Program, or the Puppy Pals Program, ensuring an enjoyable and suitable experience for every personality.

  • Evening Serenity: As day turns to night, dogs relax in the Lounge or are entertained in the Pawp-corn Cinema, settling down with contentment.

  • 24/7 Care: Our dedicated staff provide constant care, with a manager on-site at all times to ensure safety and well-being.

  • Love and Affection: We’re committed to giving every dog the love they deserve, treating them as part of the Tailwag community.

  • Exclusivity: With a limited number of private suites, we ensure personalized attention and space for each guest.

Additional Luxuries:

  • Spa Services: Offer your pet the ultimate pampering with our on-site spa and grooming services.

  • Special Requests: We’re attentive to every preference, whether it’s a cherished toy, blanket, or a special nightly routine.

Choose Tailwag Resorts for a boarding experience that combines luxury, affection, and a tailored activity schedule that suits your pet's individual needs and energy.

Tailwaggers' Private Suites Pricing:

  • 1 Night: $115 – A luxurious overnight stay in one of our themed private suites, ensuring your dog is pampered and cared for.

  • 5 Nights: $460 – Extend your dog's indulgence with a longer stay, full of personalized attention and comfort.

  • 10 Nights: $750 – The ultimate retreat for your dog, offering a continuous stretch of top-tier service and luxury.

Please note, to book a stay in our Private Suites, a Tailwag Membership is required, ensuring exclusive access to the finest care.

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