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In our 1.5-acre canine retreat, your dog will enjoy activities tailored for exhilaration and relaxation.

Every inch of the property has been designed with your dog’s wellbeing and happiness in mind. Imagine your dog's joy as they dash through open fields, engage in scent explorations, participate in stimulating activities, and bask in the sunshine with newfound friends.  At TailWag Resorts, every day is an adventure designed to enrich your pet's life, ensuring they return home with their tails wagging and hearts full.

Your membership is also the key to a suite of premium services, from frolics in our Dog Adventure Park to personalized fun in our Customized Daycare Adventures and indulgent stays in our Luxury Boutique Hotel. 

Join our Tailwag Resorts community, become a Tailwag member and elevate your pet's care to extraordinary new heights. Now, let's explore the exclusive benefits that await you and your furry friend as members of our exclusive club.

Personalized care

Our distinctive care, with a low dog-to-handler ratio, adapts to each canine's personality.

Regardless of age or energy, every dog enjoys a well-rounded day: physical play, cognitive challenges, social mingling, and serene 'me time.' Programs are carefully crafted to meet specific activity levels and preferences, assuring a satisfying blend of play, growth, and relaxation for dogs of all ages.

Enjoy the pawfect pup stay with TailWag Resorts

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Join the Tailwag Community today and elevate your dog's social life within a secure and trusted environment.

Join the Tailwag Community today and elevate your dog's social life within a secure and trusted environment. Our members are part of an elite group, with each dog having passed a thorough behavioral evaluation to ensure the well-being and compatibility of all our guests.

Whether you seek daily engagement for your dog through our daycare programs, a luxurious stay in our private suites, or simply using our facilities at designated times, to enjoy special moments with your dog at our facilities, the membership is the first step towards this journey. Our membership model allows us to maintain the utmost quality, safety, and personalized attention that your dog deserves.

Safety and Trust

Safety is our top priority. Our strict vaccination policy and round-the-clock expert care ensure your dog is safe and well-cared for.

With our manager living on-site, we are always ready to provide immediate, personalized care whenever it's needed. For our members enjoying the resort's facilities, rest assured that every dog you meet has been thoroughly vetted, providing a secure and controlled environment. Here, safety blends seamlessly with leisure, allowing you and your pet to relax and socialize with peace of mind.


  • Valid for one calendar month.

  • Non-refundable and per registered Tailwagger dog.

  • Members must supervise their dogs, at all times, during visits.

  • All members must adhere to park rules. Review rules here.

  • Automatic renewal on the 1st of each month. Cancel anytime.

  • Renewal is confirmed upon payment; spaces are limited. More info here.

  • Weather and safety conditions may affect park access. Safety is our priority, and access may be suspended if conditions are deemed unsafe.
    For more details or to secure your membership, contact Tailwag Resorts.



Begin your TailWag Resorts experience with the flexibility to pay for services as you go during a one-month trial period or across five visits. While you’ll still cover the costs of daycare, boarding or visit to our dogs’ adventure park, there's no requirement for membership during this initial phase. It’s the perfect way to acquaint yourselves with our exceptional care and activities. After this introductory phase, we invite you to join our membership to continue being part of our exclusive community and enjoying our premium facilities.

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